Make Your Kaasstengels Crunchier and Cheesier!

03 June 2019

Why be a "silky mom" when you can be a "scrunchy mom"? Or maybe even a "crunchy mom"? Well, no matter what mom type you are, you absolutely need these tips to make your delightful Kaasstengels (Dutch : Kaas, cheese;  stengels, sticks) more crunchy and cheesy. These all-time Dutch-Indonesian cheese fingers must be in your parlor, especially to your special occasion. Here are some tips, check it out!   1. Use low-protein flour  Basically, we use 2 kinds of…

Beef Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Cheeses and Almonds

20 May 2019

Ramadhan Kareem has arrived! Fasting from sunrise to sunset becomes the tradition for this blessed month. So, let's be prepared with something sweet, nutritious, and tasty for your bare guts…

Taste of Australia

12 April 2019