• Cheese for any occasion

    Cheese for your party? Why not! We are now available for wedding, private event, catering and party. From cheese wedding cake, party platter or even personal platter. Customize your platter or board by contacting us for more details. "The secret ingredients is always Cheese!"

  • Gift Giving with Us

    Special hampers for your special someone. Try our Black and White cheese with this gorgeous Grape Jam. Grape Jam made from Balinese black grape - sweet with a touch of sour. We would also want to introduce this Gluten Free Tempe Cookies! with GMO Tempe as the main ingredients they are absolutely moreish.

Rosalie Black &…

SoftCheese Firm paste Chalky in the center, Coated in COCONUT…

Rosalie Chevre

FRESHCHEESE, Tart Earthy Flavour, Pure - Only a hint of…

Rosalie Milton

BLOOMY RIND CHEESE, Full Subtle flavor, Moist, slightly crumbly- flaky,…

Canggu Saturday Farmers Market

23 March 2018

We are in Canggu!

Saturday Farmers Market. Natural Indonesian Cheese from ROSALIE CHEESE, Beautiful selection of fresh greens, fruits and herbs from Pak Joko, Homemade Japanese Tofu, Nato, Vegetarian Sushi and Natural Soap

Cheese Sampling Canggu

22 February 2018

Do you have any plan on the weekends? We are sampling our cheese every Saturday and Sunday at The Joglo Canggu. Spend your weekend at The Joglo with your kids.…

Goat Cheese Tomato Salad

14 January 2018

Super simple and refreshing sunday meal. You can add some warm crusted bread, grilled sausages or seafood. 
  • 2 handfuls mixed ripe tomatoes
  • sea salt
  • mint…