Sumatra Cheese Pack (SOLD OUT. PRE - ORDER NOW)

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Sumatra Cheese Pack (SOLD OUT. PRE - ORDER NOW) 15 15
Something different from tanah Sumatra.
Sumatran cheese instead of Rendang? why not!

Handcrafted individually by Gundaling Farm
in Brastagi North Sumatra 

Sumatran cheese pack includes:

- Tomme 200g
Semi-hard cheese that has a complex yet delicate milk and buttery aroma and is very fragrant

- Andaliman 200g
Andaliman pepper is indigenous to the Karo region and is only found in the wild.
This pepper imparts sweet citrus and floral fragrance into the cheese that is unparalleled

- Mozza 200g
Fresh, bright, creamy, and summery. 

Include delivery to Jakarta & Tangerang area
Limited stock available order before 30th of May
Delivery is on the 2nd of June via JNE (3 - 4 days) with
styrofoam & icepacks

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