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Camembert Style Cheese,

Mushroomy & creamy,

Covered in Dried Moringa

Aged 60 days,

Form: 200gr

Ingredients: Natural Local Cow's Milk, Vegetarian Rennet, Culture & Salt

This is our own version of camembert cheese. Covered in"Moringa" grown locally in Ubud - Bali. The cheese is great on cheeseboard, crumble on top of salad, quiche, crusted with your favourite herbs & spices or paired it with something sweet like honey or dried fruits.

The packaging is handmade by the people of Mutigunung Village in the south of Bali. We are committed to work together with them to support their income as well as access to healthcare and medication.

Shelf Life: 2 months store in the fridge at 4C. 

Note : 
Basic packaging delivery is plastic bag & ice.
Please add extra cooler bag or styrofoam to your cart if you need.

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