Grated Cheese Bottle (200 g)

IDR 75,000.00
Grated Cheese Bottle (200 g) 3 3
Mozzarella & Gouda

Mozzarella will give the stretchy texture 
Gouda will add the deep flavor

Size: 200gr

Ingredients: Cow milk, culture, rennet and salt

Shelf Life: 1 month vacuum pack. Store in the fridge at 4C at all time

This cheese is great for toast, mac & cheese, pizza and filling

Note : 

  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we can only ship this item to Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya & Bali area
  • Delivery is every TUESDAY, THURSDAY & SATURDAY. 
  • Please order one day before the delivery day , last order until 16.00 WIB
  • Basic packaging delivery is plastic bag & ice. An extra cooler bag is available (under Basket & Bag)
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