Crottin (Not available in Jakarta)

IDR 50,000.00
Crottin (Not available in Jakarta) 8 8


Pungent & Strong Flavour,

Wrapped in vine leaves,

Macerated in apple cider vinegar

Aged 30days,

Form: 100gr

Ingredients: Goat's Milk, Culture, Vegetable Rennet & Salt 

Serving suggestions: crumble on top of a salad, part of a cheese platter

Shelf Life: 3 months. Store in the fridge at 4C at all times. After the package is open, please store it in a tight plastic wrap. This will last up to 2 weeks. 

Note : 

  • Delivery is every TUESDAY, THURSDAY & SATURDAY. Order one-day before.
  • Basic packaging delivery is plastic bag & ice. An extra cooler bag is available (under Basket & Bag)



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