• How Important is Milk for Cheesemaking?

    September 10, 2020
    How Important is Milk for Cheesemaking? image
    The basis of cheesemaking depends on the following key components, milk, natural bacteria or starter culture, rennet, and salt. The whole cheesemaking process must be started with milk. Then natural bacteria begin to work on the milk, or starter culture is added. In this process, there is a change in milk sugar (lactose) into lactic acid. To set cheese during the making process, the rennet is then...

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  • Goat Cheese-Stuffed Chicken

    September 10, 2020
    Goat Cheese-Stuffed Chicken image
    A chicken and goat's cheese is totally delicious! Goat cheese is creamy cheese that's provides healthy fats, including medium-chain fatty acids, that can improve satiety and benefit weight loss. Combine it with fresh herbs and garlic, then fill with the mixture inside the chicken breast. Super easy to make and here speedy suppers recipe for you!  Ingredients: 1 tbsp minced ...

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  • Halloumi Nuggets with Marinara Sauce

    July 9, 2020
    Halloumi Nuggets with Marinara Sauce image
    Halloumi is great, but halloumi nuggets are even better. Halloumi has a high melting point, this makes it perfect for making nuggets because it turns nice and soft, but also keeps it’s shape. For you, the cheese lover at home! Here is an easy recipe of halloumi nuggets, you can try at home. These homemade halloumi nuggets are dipped in Panko breadcrumbs for an crispy finish. Dunk the

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