Tea & Cheese Pairing

July 23, 2021
Tea & Cheese Pairing image

Have you ever paired cheese with tea? A cup of warm tea when enjoyed with cheese will add to the original taste of the cheese. The creamy and fatty flavor of cheese can balance the bitter taste of tea.

In general, cheese is usually enjoyed with wine and has become a tradition in several countries. If you are familiar with wine pairings, you can apply similar principles to tea. Just like wine, teas have tannins and astringency; they show the terroir of the places they're grown.

The guide to blending tea and cheese is that strong teas should be matched with strong-scented cheeses, while soft teas are best suited for lighter, smoother cheeses. But one of the most important things when pairing cheese is, serve it with various variants so that we know the difference and can be adjusted to our taste.


Suggested Tea and Cheese pairings, you guys can try this! 

  • White Tea & Milton 

Minimally processed white tea is most similar to light white wine. As a general rule, cheese that complements white wines will also pair nicely with white tea. Full & Subtle flavor cheeses like Milton is well-suited to pairing with white tea.

  • Black Tea & Lucie in Bali or Black & White


Black Tea, Just like heavy red wine, black tea is high in tannins and tends to have the boldest and strongest flavor of all tea varieties. This type of tea is very suitable to be combined with creamy cow's milk cheese like Lucie in Bali or Black & White. Add some dried or fresh fruit; dates and strawberries, for the perfect taste.

  • Herbal Tea & Black Pepper Goat Cheese

Herbal teas have an incredible variety of flavors, so deciding which cheese to pair with herbal teas can be pretty difficult.. In simple terms, fruit herbal teas go well with soft, creamy cheeses. Flower or mint tea will complement the fresh soft cheese.

  • Green Tea & Chevre