Make a Cheese Board with Rosalie Cheese

July 26, 2021
Make a Cheese Board with Rosalie Cheese image

Make the Ultimate Cheese Board in less than 3 minutes!

Add four or five different cheeses, add crackers or even fresh fruit.

Assemble the best cheese board – using Full Set Cheese Sampler Pack from Rosalie!

How to make a cheese Board with Rosalie Cheese

The basic principle when making a cheese board is to put piles of stuff you like on a cheese board. Done. It is that simple. 

Ingredients :

• Full set Cheese Sampler Pack From Rosalie

• Crackers (Wheat & sticks)

• Fresh Fruits (Grapes & Kiwi)


 Step by step :

  • Start by placing the grapes on the top and bottom corners of the board

  • Next, add the Mountain Cheese and Kemala Gouda. Then, add a few kiwis, Black Pepper Cheese, and Black & White Cheese on the edges of the board

  • Pile in the crunchy items stick crackers to fill the empty corners