Cheese & Fermented Food Pairing

July 28, 2021
Cheese & Fermented Food Pairing image

Have you ever thought that cheese can also be paired with fermented foods? Take that puzzled look off your face! So, have you tried pairing cheese with any fermented food? What about KimCheese? Kimchi + Cheese! We try to pair kimchi with our goat cheese bestseller - Black Pepper Goat! Our favorites are Tape and Black & White cheese. The sweetness of the Tape offsets the acidity of the Black & White Cheese.

Suggested Cheese and Fermented Food pairings

  1. Kimchi. The sour, spicy, and umami flavor of kimchi pairs perfectly with Halloumi or Black Pepper Goat Cheese. You can add salad as well (Like eating kimchi with grilled meat). This combination is perfect because there is a spicy and savory taste.
  2. Fermented cassava, sweet and sour fermented cassava pairs well with Black & White cheese. Unlock the third flavor! So there is a sweet and slightly salty and creamy taste of black and white cheese. This is a great combination! You can add crunchy plain crackers so that there is texture in this pairing. Taste profiling Dessert sweet tooth.
  3. Pickled cucumber, crunchy pickled cucumber is a delicious complement to Milton; Goat cheese with a crumbly texture. When you eat it, the pickled cucumber will taste first along with the taste of Milton. Pickled cucumbers are usually on a cheese pallet or board to neutralize the taste of one cheese with another cheese (In addition to fresh fruit / dried fruits). 

Which one would you like to try?

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