The Best Way to Store Cheese

March 19, 2021
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Once you get a lot of cheeses home, you may have a hard time eating the whole thing in just one time. Then, what to do? One thing’s for sure: you better make sure to keep it as strong as possible for as long as possible. Never let your cheeses dry out! The method for storing cheese is simple, but keep in mind ⏤ different cheese has different way to storing.

First thing to know: Please do not wrap your cheese with plastic wrap.

Cheese is a living thing. It ages. It breathes. If the cheese is wrapped in plastic wrap, it can no longer intake oxygen. And the worst, plastic wrap can also cause the cheese to taste like plastic.

Then, what should you wrap your cheese in?

The answer is cheese paper or parchment paper. Cheese paper and parchment paper allow the cheese to breathe, and also protects it from drying out. Here’s the way to store cheese!

Step 1: Cut off a large square of paper. Then, place your cheese on the paper.


Step 2: Fold the paper to cover the cheese. Keep sure the paper is pulled tightly and cover all of the cheese part.


Step 3: Tape the final flap. Then write the type of cheese and the date when you opened it from the original packaging.


Step 4: If you’re buying cheese with a box, put it back the wrapped cheese into the box (like Black & White, Chevre, Black Pepper Goat, and Milton).


Step 5: Store wrapped cheese in a crisper drawer in the fridge, which will have the most consistent temperature and humidity.

Bonus tips for storing Blue Cheese:

For blue cheese ⏤ like Bodhita, it's good to keep it away from your other cheeses. Blue cheese has a sharp taste, if you’re not storing it properly it will affect the taste of other cheeses. To avoid this, wrap your blue cheese with aluminium foil.

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