Scrambled Cheesy Eggs

September 27, 2020
Scrambled Cheesy Eggs image

Scrambled Cheesy Eggs for brunch! You could follow this recipe and method that is just as simple. Give a touch of blue cheese for more luscious and creamy taste. Enjoy it with sourdough bread, tomato, and mushroom. Perfect! 


- 3 large eggs

- A pinch of salt

- A pinch of pepper

- Rosalie Grated Cheese

- Bodhita (Rosalie's Blue Cheese)

- Rosalie Herbs Butter 

- 1 tbsp leek, chopped

- Sourdough bread

- 3 mushrooms

- 1 pack cherry tomato

- 1 tbsp olive oil

How to Make:

1. Sauté mushrooms and cherry tomato in the olive oil. Set aside.

2. Spread herbs butter on the sourdough bread, both sides. Toast the bread on pan. Set aside.

3. On a pot, break 3 eggs and add herbs butter. Beat the eggs in a minute. Turn on the heat and stir it gently. Whiles, lift off from the heat then put it back, do it in 2-3 times.

4. Add salt, pepper, and chopped leek to the pot. Last, add Bodhita for extra kick. Stir again just for a minute and turn off the heat. Set aside.

5. On a plate, put mushrooms, cherry tomato, and sourdough bread. Drizzle a little bit olive oil, then put the scramble egg on a bread. 

6. Enjoy!

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