How Important is Milk for Cheesemaking?

September 10, 2020
How Important is Milk for Cheesemaking? image

The basis of cheesemaking depends on the following key components, milk, natural bacteria or starter culture, rennet, and salt. The whole cheesemaking process must be started with milk. Then natural bacteria begin to work on the milk, or starter culture is added. In this process, there is a change in milk sugar (lactose) into lactic acid. To set cheese during the making process, the rennet is then added, causes the milk to coagulate and separate into solids (curds) and liquid (whey). The curds are turned into cheese. Later, toss them with salt helps the growth of good mold and inhibits the development of unwanted bacteria.

So, cheese would never exist without milk.

The other thing about milk in cheesemaking is its quality. The quality and type of milk can greatly affect cheese making. Milk produced by cows or goats depends heavily on the treatment given to them.

In Rosalie Cheese, we source our milk from several small dairy farmers across Java and Bali. Our farmers are taking good care of the animals and maintain hygiene, clean & well-managed farms. The goats and cows are fed with natural feed surrounding the farm such as moringa, corn husk, shrubs, etc.

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