Standard Operation Procedure during Covid -19

April 11, 2020
Standard Operation Procedure during Covid -19 image

Rosalie Cheese is open for delivery only and we keep our production running to support our team members, partner farms, and customers. We are implementing a strict Standard Operation Procedures to help minimize our exposure. There are 6 sections on this SOP; People, Place, Tools & Equipment, Method, Product Stock & Shipment.


1. All members are tested upon arrival at work. Body temperature reaching >37.5 will be sent to the doctor and self-quarantine.

2. Washing hands with soaps for 20 seconds before & after entering the production area and during the shift as much as possible. 

3. Wearing mask, apron, head cover and protective shoes at all time inside the facility

4. 10 minutes break every morning for sunbathing before 9 am 

5. Vitamin C supplement is provided and everyone required to it take daily

6. Strict travel restrictions - only permitted to travel from home to work and food store run is allowed once a week. Reporting day to day on daily activities. 

Place, Tools & Equipment

1. Cleaning the floor, doorknobs, and machinery handles with food-grade disinfectant daily

2. Cleaning all the equipment with water and food-grade disinfectant soap daily


1. Physical distancing within team member at least 1 meter

Product Stock

1. All of the packaging materials plastics, stickers, and boxes are placed at separate spaces and rested for 7 days before used.



1. Delivery is Tuesday & Thursday to minimize the exposure with the delivery courier

Thank you for supporting everyone on our system and please stay healthy!

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