Why Rosalie Cheese's sea salt is so tasteful?

December 30, 2019
Why Rosalie Cheese's sea salt is so tasteful? image

One of the most important ingredient in cheesemaking is the salt. It helps the growth of good mold and inhibits the development of unwanted bacteria. It is very important for the cheese's shelf life. 

At Rosalie Cheese, we use a balinese sea salt very unique: from the north of the island, its production is very demanding so there is less and less sea salt farmers. The younger generation prefers to work in the city. Nevertheless, because we choose to help the local farmers and economy, we only use this "Fleur de sel" to enhance our cheeses' flavour.

Here is some insight of how this tasteful salt is produced.

After filling baskets with seawater directly on the beach, farmers water the black sand. They pour more sea water on the sand and repeat. Once the sand is dry, they gather the top, wash the black sand in water and leave it to dry in coconut tree trunk. The salt crystalizes to the sun. The Fleur de sel floats to the top and must be carefully harvested. The coarse sea salt sinks to the bottom.

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