• MPASI Recipe: Tuna Mac n' Cheese

    November 26, 2020
    MPASI Recipe: Tuna Mac n' Cheese image
    Adding cheese to MPASI can increase nutrient levels and add flavor. Try cooking this Tuna Mac and Cheese recipe at home! This menu contains carbohydrates that can be a source of energy for your children with savory and creamy taste - your kids will love it! Don't forget to adjust the texture to your child's age. Ingredients: - 30 gr macaroni, boiled for 8 minutes - 2 tbsp or...

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  • Scrambled Cheesy Eggs

    September 27, 2020
    Scrambled Cheesy Eggs image
    Scrambled Cheesy Eggs for brunch! You could follow this recipe and method that is just as simple. Give a touch of blue cheese for more luscious and creamy taste. Enjoy it with sourdough bread, tomato, and mushroom. Perfect!  Ingredients: - 3 large eggs - A pinch of salt - A pinch of pepper - Rosalie Grated Cheese - Bodhita (Rosalie's Blue Cheese) - Rosalie Herbs Butter  - 1

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  • How Important is Milk for Cheesemaking?

    September 10, 2020
    How Important is Milk for Cheesemaking? image
    The basis of cheesemaking depends on the following key components, milk, natural bacteria or starter culture, rennet, and salt. The whole cheesemaking process must be started with milk. Then natural bacteria begin to work on the milk, or starter culture is added. In this process, there is a change in milk sugar (lactose) into lactic acid. To set cheese during the making process, the rennet is then...

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