Our Team & Partner Farm

Rosalie Team

Rosalie's team consisted of passionate and highly motivated workers, taking care of cheeses and snacks from production to delivery.

Most of the employees are unskilled women in the neighborhood, earning less than minimum wages. We have hired several of them and trained them to be professional cheesemakers. We equipped them with the skills to improve their livelihood and provide them with a better income.

Meet the wonderful Rosalie team!

Our Partner Farm

Producing high-quality products means to get the best ingredients to do it! Rosalie Cheese is supporting several small dairy farmers across Bali and Java. Goat milk farmers are particularly benefited from our business, as the demand for goat milk is not as high as cow milk in Indonesia. We see our partner farms as a long-term partner for growth. 

Our farmers work very hard to maintain hygiene, clean & well-managed farm to have healthy cows & goats, good quality of milk and fair wages for their farm workers.

Say hello to one of our partner farmers - Bapak Raka. Bapak Raka started his goat farming journey during Covid-19. The tourism sector was hit very badly and he lost his main source of income. Through his hardwork and willingness to survive, he managed to go back to the agriculture roots and partner up with Rosalie Cheese.


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