Our Cheesy Story

Our Story

Rosalie Cheese is a food-tech company, which produced artisanal food products through market-based innovation. We mainly produced natural Indonesian cheese from farm-fresh ingredients without preservatives and colorings as well as creating delicious natural snacks.

Our aim is to create specialty cheeses with a unique twist on local flavor, developed to suits the local and international taste. In Rosalie Cheese, we use traditional cheese-making techniques and Indonesian milk which has unique flavor based on the local varied climate, soil and plant life.

Started from one customer to a growing number of clients, Rosalie Cheese found its place in restaurants and hotels across Indonesia. 

The name of our company was inspired by a beautiful suburb in Brisbane - Australia called Rosalie. It is considered a universal name, easy to pronounce and sounded like an Italian or French lady making the cheeses. It makes sense when you know that Rosalie's team members are dominated by women.


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