Halal (MUI Certified) & Vegetarian Friendly. We use microbial rennet and culture.
2. All of our cheese is Natural and fermented slowly
3. All of our cheeses are safe for children
3. Please store the cheese in the fridge with a temperature of 1-4°C
Hard Cheese shelf life is 8 months, Bloomy rind cheese is 3 months, Fresh Cheese is 4 months - on their original packaging
After opening the original packaging please store in a tight plastic or beeswax wrap. Minimize oxygen exposure to avoid mold.
If the outer layer is moldy, scrape it off gently with a knife

1. Our milk is sourced from small dairy farmers across Java and Bali who practice natural farming and are passionate farmers.
2. Our partner farms are trained with a good standard of hygiene
3. The goats and cows are fed with natural feed surrounding the farm such as moringa, corn husk, shrubs, etc.

1. Delivery is every Monday - Saturday 
2. Delivery is from our closest distribution center (Jakarta & Bali)
3. JABODETABEK : within 30 Km of our warehouse is with gosend instant or sameday delivery,
    outside this range is next day delivery (please add styrofoam on your cart)
4. Bandung, Lampung, Medan, Malang, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Balikpapan :
    next day delivery
5. Bali & surrounding areas : within 30 Km of our warehouse is with gosend instant or sameday delivery
6. Standard delivery packaging is with therma pack or plastic bag and ice-packs. 

1. Delivery is Rp. 30.000 for regular & Rp. 70.000 for Instant delivery and the time of delivery is depending on your location
2. For urgent delivery there will be extra charge, please contact us
3. Payment is with Bank Transfer, Credit Card, QRIS, GoPay or Paypal 

1. Bestseller Cheese for cooking: Halloumi, Gouda, Chevre (for filling)
2. Bestseller Cheese for ready to eat: Black Pepper Goat, Black & White, and Milton
3. Bestseller Cheese for baking: Chevre, Gouda, Grated Cheese

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