About Us

Our Cheesy Story 
Rosalie Cheese is a food tech company, which produced artisanal food products through market-based innovation. We mainly produced natural Indonesian cheese from farm-fresh ingredients without preservatives and colorings as well as creating delicious natural snacks. Our aim is to create specialty cheese with a unique twist on local flavor, developed to suits the local and international taste. 

We use traditional cheese-making techniques and Indonesia milk which has unique flavor based on the local varied climate, soil and plant life. The name of our company was inspired by a beautiful suburb in Brisbane - Australia called Rosalie where local gourmet thrives. 

Our Founder
Owned & operated locally. Ayu Linggih is the founder of Rosalie Cheese, Her background in food technology and passion for fermented food led her into this path.

The Workshop
Rosalie Cheese workshop consists of two different facilities. The cheese production facility is BPOM Certified and the snack production facility is PIRT certified. We follow strict regulations of manufacturing and packaging operations. Our highly trained production staff ensures premium quality in every one of our products. 



Our Partner Farm
Rosalie Cheese is partnering with several small dairy farmers across Java and Bali. We source purchased a significant amount of fresh milk daily at a fair purchase price point. Goat milk farmers are particularly benefited from our business, as the demand for goats milk is not as high as cows milk in Indonesia. We see our partner farms as a long term partner for growth. Our partner farm works very hard to maintain Hygiene, good quality of milk, Healthy cows & goats, Clean & Well managed farm and fair wages for the farmworkers.


Our Team
Most of our employees are unskilled women in our neighborhood, earning less than minimum wages. We have hired several of them and trained them to be a professional cheesemaker. We equipped them with the skills to improve their livelihood and provide them with a better income.